About Us

Steve and I have a combined experience base of eight years doing Long Arm Quilting. We currently have a 14-foot Gammill Statler Stiitcher; the machine size allows us to easily do California king-size quilts. After completing my first quilt top I was hooked on quilting. While I only create quilt tops for myself and family, I really love the creative aspects of applying the quilting design to customer quilt tops.

After I had my first quilt top quilted by someone else, Steve and I chose to learn how to do Long Arm quilting. We started out using a long arm machine at a local quilting shop. For the next several years we quilted our quilts using these rental machines. With every quilt, we learned something new. After several years of quilting using a rental machine, we found that others were becoming interested in using us for doing their finished quilting. We have always been honored that people would trust us with their quilt tops that they had put so much time, effort and love into creating. 

We decided almost two years ago to purchase our 14-foot Gammill Stattler Stitcher Optimum long arm machine and initially established our business in Northern Virginia where we had lived for over 30 years. In June of 2013 my husband retired and we decided to move to Hendersonville, NC.  Our business had begun to flourish, so I decided to retire in December of 2013 to do quilting full time.

We have established trust with a number of customers here in Hendersonville, NC, and still have many loyal customers in Virginia as well as other parts of the country. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to quilt our customer’s quilts and strive to provide the very best finished quilt for each and every customer. It is exciting to see our customer’s reaction when they spread their quilt out and look at their finished piece with their desired quilting pattern enhancing their hard work. They are always ecstatic with the look and feel of their personal masterpiece!

Steve and I look forward to discussing our services with you and talking about your particular requirements for your quilt. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the quilting design; we can discuss more details during our initial consultation with you.

We can be reached at:

Home: 828-696-9310
Cell:     828-808-4546

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